10th Annual Tree Huggers' Cartwheelathon

The Downtonwn Arborteum Project, of Westfield Community Development Corporation, sponsors its annual
Carthwheelathon to raise money for planting trees in Westfield. Young and old, from 3 year olds to 74 year olds,
have cartwheeled or done forward roles around Stanley Park vying for the winner in their age group.
Over the years, hundreds of participants have raised enough money through their pledges to plant over 160  trees in Westfield-
providing cooling shade in the summer, cleaner air, noise reduction, privacy, soil stability, higher property values,
and physiological stress reduction. 
The 10th Annual Tree Huggers Cartwheelaton is on Saturday, April 25 at 1:30 in Stanley Park. All are welcome.

Prizes are awarded in each of the 7 age categories. Teams formed by groups or organizations are eligible
to win a street-ready tree. A pledge form is printed below; participants are asked to have a minimum of $10 in pledges.
Participants may register on April 25th. Registration forms and rules are below.

The Cartwheelathon may be reached through the tennis court entrance to Stanley Park, and proceeding east along the wall
to the third tree (if raining, in the Woodward Center). Registration will begin at 1pm. 
For more information, please call 977-9217, or email

Help us set a world record for the most cartwheels done by the most people in 30 minutes.


Tree Hugger Cartwheelathon Rules-

  1. You must sign the Release
  2. You are asked to provide a cartwheel-counter/coach to accompany you.
  3. Cartwheel-counter/coach will be responsible for tallying the number of cartwheels done,
    AND will be expected to be alert to safety issues such as bumping into others, and dizziness, etc.
  4. Prizes will be awarded for most cartwheels done in the following age groups:
    Green: 0-7 years
    Yellow: 8-13 years
    Orange: 14-21 years
    Red: 22-35 years
    Purple: 36-49 years
    Blue: 50-69 years
    Teal: 70 plus years
  5. Cartwheels will be tallied for a 30 minute period.

Participant Pledge Form click here

Release Form

I, the undersigned participant and/or parent or Guardian (if applicable) release the Westfield Community Development Corporation
and its Associates from all claims for any injuries, death, or property damage arising from involvement in THE TREE-HUGGERS CARTWHEELATHON, in Westfield, Massachusetts. I further agree that the Westfield Community Development Corp.and the news media may photograph the participant and disseminate information about his/her participation in the event and reproduce photographic materials for other purposes. I have read and understand the foregoing Release and sign it voluntarily

Participant ________________________________

Parent/Guardian (if participant is under 18) ________________________

Date ____________________________________